Sunday, 8 June 2008

How to Keep Tiny Tots Busy-2

I find that Ananya takes a lot of interest in taking things out of their place,( clothes from wardrobe, dishes and kitchen items from cupboard).After her exploration trip, the whole room looks like it was hit by Hurricane Katrina. No amount of cajoling or getting angry will make her tidy up. But when I say in a playful tone, let's put these poor little things in their home ( or something like that), she readily participates in cleaning up process.When I am busy, I spread the card zig saw puzzles, which I have made for her. These are big pictures of a single item, like an animal, a car or a house.As she is only 2 years and 3 months old, I have cut these pictures in to very large 3-4 pieces, so that she identifies the parts.
We also do pretend play. She asks me to become a doctor, then she takes one of the animals and comes to me for its treatment.Pretend play is a great way to teach kids different things. Now Ananya knows a lot of terms, like stethoscope( she can't pronounce it though),bandage, pincers, betadine,tablets etc.


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