Wednesday, 4 June 2008

How to keep tiny tots busy

My daughter is a gem. She never gives me hard time to make her do anything. My mother thinks that Ananya has grown past her years, and this worries her. But I think that Ananya gets lots of opportunities to do kid stuff and this helps her to stay away from trouble. As I get to spend a lot of time with her now a days ( 24/7 practically), I have to invent new ways to keep her busy, so that she is out of my hair and let me do my work.
I have put lots of crayons and water colors, pencils and brushes for her. You may say that it's too early and pushy to expect a 2 year old to dabble in painting. I disagree. Children have a natural attraction towards bright and colorful things, just like they love playing in mud and water. I see so many kids holding a color pencil and draw haphazardly on anything that they can lay their hands on.
When I am cooking Lady's finger, I give Ananya the upper left out part and ask her to stick them on paper. She is very fond of this game. Some times she sticks the cut lady's fingers on her nose and laughs" mama, joker." When I am with her, both of us make different designs using cast of lady fingers. Just dip the part in water color and then stamp it on paper.You can make lots of arty designs with it.
I have to go, Ananya has waken up from her nap. Let's discuss other arty tricks later.


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