Friday, 9 May 2008

How to Make Baskets

For many of us, basket making is a hobby. While for others it is a full time job. Basket making method is also used to make trays, hats and mats. To get a hang on the art of basket making, you must:
-Read several books or articles about basic techniques.
-Locate a spot in your home where you can weave.
-Assemble basic tools including measuring tape, scissors, water bucket, awl, knife and clamps.
-Read on line instructions and browse free patterns for ideas and techniques.
-Practice makes a man perfect. So practice, practice, practice.
How to make a Basket

1. Plain weaving:This is the most common weaving method, the weft is worked in and out among the successive spokes (skeleton) of the warp. A wooden base is easier to use than one with woven base. Holes for the spokes of the warp are bored with an awl around the edge of the wooden base. Spokes are then inserted in the holes and held in place from underneath by weaving. Continue weaving until the base is the right size. Then the spokes are bent upward and the sides of the basket are woven, while the spokes are held firmly in position.Handles can be added to baskets after the weaving is complete or they can be made by allowing several spokes to extend across the mouth of the basket. They are held in place by inserting the free ends into the weaving and binding them in place with weft material.

2. Coil Winding: Flexible material like rope or reed is used to make in baskets in this method. Strips of raffia or corn husks hold the basket together. The sides are built up layer on layer. Each row of the coil is stitched to the next with raffia strips. Generally a large needle is used for weaving.

3. Pattern Weaving:In this method different patterns are included in the weaving. Twill and herringbone weaves are two of the more common patterns. Both are made by passing the weft over and under two or more spokes at a time. In twill, each row must be started one spoke to the right of the previous row. In a herringbone, a few rows are started one spoke to the right, and then the same number is started one spoke to the left, giving a zigzag effect.

Two easy to make methods for baskets:

1.Can Basket: This little and handy basket is very easy to make. You will need a can, glue, a colored sheet, scissors and a posterboard. Cut the upper part of the can. Paste the colored paper round the can. Put a strip of poster board for the handle. And you are done. Make sure to cover the edges though. This small basket is ideal to put Easter grass and candy.


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