Monday, 5 May 2008

A blog about Toronto

I was looking for a some cheap hotels in Toronto, we will be going there to attend a friend's wedding.And I came across this lovely blog Actually the name of the blog is a little misleading, but in a good sense, because the blog not only provides information about Toronto bed and breakfast hotels, but it is also for those, who want to know everything about Toronto.
The blog keeps you update with the latest happenings in Toronto.The blog owner has also compiled witty, weird and funny news related to Toronto from all over the net.You get to know that air canada is going to charge for better customer service, then there is a story about a kind hearted butcher who gave away $.2million to his employees after winning a $14 million lottery.
There are some funny pictures too. Its a nice blog for Toronto-ites who want to keep in touch with their home town.


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