Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Playing with Stones

Ananya is fond of playing with sand, water and stones. I have observed that every kid likes to play with sand and water. Ananya likes to collect stones when we go on beach and decorated her sand castle with them. She can make a circle and a line with the stones that she has at home.
Today I was preparing lunch and she was playing with stones. She was also talking to me, and I was absently answering to her chatter. When she repeatedly called for my attention then I looked up and I saw what she had made.

It was beautiful, that too made by a two and a half year old. Ananya says that its a slide. She climbs on it from one side and slides from the other. Kids are imaginative and creative by nature. It’s us and our teaching methods that make a child loose all her creativity.

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  1. he he. that was really so cute.
    thats true, Kids are just wonderful, their thoughts, their actions, their way of talking, and so many other 1000s of things they do innocently. I am sure one has got a huge thing to learn from these kids.
    Love you children!


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