Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Teaching Colors to Your Kid

My daughter Ananya is two and a half years. She knows four colors by heart; white, green, black,and orange.Black is the color of her laptop,she learned green from the grass, her favorite sweater is orange and white is th color of her teddy bear. She has learned all these colors by making associations.
-I also use colors in our general conversation, like "Give me my red towel Ananya", or "throw this dirty blue shirt in the laundry".
-We play color games also. Ananya is fond of making different patterns with stones. I will make a line with a pattern of one white stone and one black stone.I will ask Ananya to give me one white stone and then one black stone. She gets confused in the beginning, but learns fast. There are only two colors in stones and she already knows which ones are white. Then I reinforce her new color recognition by asking her to point out all the black things in the room.
- Bright colored toys and books attract kids.Make use of the local library. But remember to stress one color at a time.


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