Thursday, 19 February 2009

Cheap and Durable Zigsaw puzzles for Kids

My daughter is three years. It is right time to introduce her to jigsaw puzzles. Jigsaw puzzles are very useful in teaching different concepts in a fun way. The possibilities of using zigsaw puzzles in education are boundless. Your child can improve his motor skills by working on zigsaw puzzles. You can teach him various concepts like opposites, animals, nature, maths, language etc. through zigsaw puzzles. When introducing jigsaw puzzle for the first time, you should keep in mind that the puzzle is large and easy to understand, so that the child finds it fun to solve the puzzle.
I made this jigsaw puzzle from a hard cover story book that Ananya had torn apart. The pages are intact, so I cut a page in to four square pieced and the jigsaw puzzle is ready. Let the child see the original picture, jumble up and then ask him to join the pieces.


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