Sunday, 8 February 2009

Make a Personalized Book for Your Child

I got the idea of a personalized book for my daughter from bound books. I improvised the idea and made the book, with the help of my three old daughter. She got me all the supplies and I made the book. As I didn't have a hole punch, I used only eight papers to make the notebook, so that the tapestry needle can pass through them easily.
The material you will need:
Two hard cards of the same size,
Tapestry needle,
White papers
I didn't have hard card either. I decided to use the card which Ananya had painted at her school. It was stiff, and more over it had Ananya's name slip pasted on one side. Just perfect. I cut the stiff card in two equal halves and then folded four A4 size paper the size of that card. Then I sewed all the pages along with the cards above and below.


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