Friday, 24 September 2010

Dry Embossed Flowers Notebook: My First Project of Dry Embossing

I got my light box yesterday so obviously wanted to start there and then but only got to work on it in the night after Aditya went to sleep.I embossed a flower pattern which I traced from Making Card Magazine's July issue. I coloured it with pencil colours.Then I thought of making a notebook (sort of) for my sister. She was a talented poet and painter before marriage, but now she is only tied to her job and family. The other day I was telling her to start writing poems again as we have only one life to live. Why waste it when we are so fortunate to do things we want to do. There are millions of people who can't afford simple things let alone the luxury of living the way they want. Anyways, yesterday I remembered this conversation and decided that I should make a book for her poems. This is what I came up with.For the cover, I used simple cardboard which came as a backing with the handmade papers I bought last month.


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