Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Simple, Easy Knitting Baby Hat for Beginners

I wanted to make something for my niece Avishi who is just one week old. I had originally decided to make a baby cardigan, but the knitting patterns are so confusing that I dropped the idea. Then I thought of making an easy baby poncho, but had to forgo that too. Ultimately I set myself a target of making a baby hat. Then began the search for the most easy and simple knitting hat for beginners. After surfing through many many sites, I finally came to this Page. The pattern is really easy. Though the instructions could be a little more elaborate. It would help some one like me, who is complete illiterate when it comes to knitting. For example,the pattern says : # R1-R10: (K1, P1) across
, It should have been # R1-R10: (K1,YO, P1,YO) across. Other than that the pattern is really easy to understand.
Here are the instructions :
Cast on 60 sts R1-R10: (K1 YO, P1 YO) across
 R11: Knit R12: Purl Repeat rows
11 and 12 6 more times.
(24 rows completed)
 R25: (K4, K2 tog) across
R26: Purl
 R 27: (K3, K2 tog) across
 R 28: Purl
R29: (K2, K2 tog) across
 R30: Purl
 R31: (K1, K2 tog) across
R32: Purl
easy knitting baby hat for beginners
 R33: (K2 tog) across


  1. I'm going to have to tell my friend about this, she is into knitting!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Natalie :)


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