Monday, 7 February 2011

Craft with Kids: Card Making

This weekend, I taught my daughter some of the basics of card making that I have learned. Ananya likes making cards, but until now she had been 'Wasting' tons of my peel offs, colors, papers and other stuff on making things that would ultimately go in the bin. I couldn't tell her not to do it because this is what she likes to do ( apart from dancing, reading, studying, playing etc. etc.:) She would be always looking at my stuff with wistful eyes and say innocently" I wish I had things that you have mummy." So I decided to put some papers, stamps, colors, ink pad, embellishments in a bag and gave it to her. Now this is her craft bag. I also told her that she is not to waste anymore papers and make real cards. So this weekend, we both sat together and made this card. I cut the papers, helped her in gluing them with tape, instructed her which should be the base and which piece should go where.
After that she made four more cards over the weekend. I only gave or cut the paper ( which she chose from my stash) and all the other things, like pasting, stamping, designing she did herself. She also made a pop up kind of thing inside two cards. She got the idea from the heart card that I made.The purpose of this post is to keep a record of my daughter's creative endeavors. I am a very forgetful person. But I would like to read this post some 10-15 years later and relive the joy we had together.


  1. Thanks for the sweet comments you left on my blogaversary - you made me SMILE today!! I LOVE looking at quilling projects - I think they are stellar but I've never done them myself. Have a great week - hugs~

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  3. It must have been so much fun crafting with your daughter .You both have done a great job:).

  4. Thanks for dropping by Anandhi ji. You have a wonderful blog.
    Thanks for your comment Suganthi ji.

  5. That is so awesome that you make cards with your daughter! Very cool!
    I just did a cardmaking post on my blog today! Stop by for a visit!


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