Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The Big Project Revealed

We will be going to India next week. So now is the time to reveal the big project I talked about Here. My brother and sister in law were blessed with a daughter last December. We have a tradition called "Chatti". It is celebrated on the birth of a son. My family decided to celebrate Avishi's birth. So they will be having a function in April. When I heard of the program, I thought of making invitation cards. I discussed it with my brother and we decided to keep quiet about it ( in case I am not able to finish the cards in time).I completed 60 cards all decorated with quilled/fringed flowers at the front and different stamped borders inside. They have already reached their destination :) Unfortunately I took pictures of the first two cards only and later forgot to snap other cards. Each card is different from other. I am really proud of myself in getting it all done before time :)


  1. Wow Sheetal , that's a lot of quilling and congratulations on becoming an aunt. And what a sweet aunt and loving aunt.The sentiment is also very beautiful.


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