Thursday, 5 January 2012

My Crafting Goals for New Year

Last year was a fulfilling year for me as I learned card making and renewed my love for quilling. This year too I want to continue making cards. My new year resolution is to spend less time on internet and devote more time to learn new things. Sometimes I spend hours on pinterest or stumbleupon marveling at the wonderful creations people make. I know I should spend that time honing my quilling or card making skills, I intend to do so from now on. On personal front life is as perfect as can be, I wish it to be so for years to come.( I could have said 'always', but nothing is for ever. Ups and downs are part of life). This year I am definitely going to increase my knitting level from 'beginner' to 'intermediate'. I so want to knit beautiful jumpers for my kids. But the project in making, right now is a scarf for my husband, which I started last year. Hope to complete it before winter is over :)


Thanks for taking time to visit my blog. I really love to read your opinions and thoughts. Have a lovely day :)