Friday, 3 February 2012

Time to Move.....Again

Tomorrow we will be moving in a new house. It has been a busy week, with all the packing and sorting. Which things will go in the bin, which will go to the charity, and then start the packing........later unpacking. Ananya is super excited and have told all her teachers that ' we are moving in a new house'. I guess I won't be able to make cards for few days :(  


  1. congrats on your new home !!!
    and good luck on the moving!!!

  2. Hope all went well with the move, I have emailed you about the candy, just in case it has gone in your spam.

  3. Thanks Linby. I have emailed you my address :)

  4. Hope your move is a smooth one and that you are able to make cards SOON! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today!

  5. Hi - hope you have been able to get your craft stuff unpacked.

    I got the blog candy today and it is fabulous, thank you so much.
    Marie x


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