Saturday, 27 October 2012

A Birthday Party

Today is Ananya's 7th birthday. We had invited her classmates at home.  I didn't feel a tinge of guilt while buying (ready made) invites for the party. But when writing the names on the envelopes, my inner crafty self raised her head and looked down upon me. She chided me for using pre printed invites and scolded me so much that I was left with no alternative but to do something crafty with the envelopes. Luckily I had a 'balloons' stamp stashed somewhere in my cupboard. Then I thought of using 'A' as Ananya's initial and included that too. The result was this :

I thought I had appeased her and went on to make arrangements for the party. But here she goes again, and that too a day before the party! Her Highness, The Crafty Self, again came knocking at my door. I was bullied to make some paper decorations. The result was this:
Paper rosette hangings

Quilled Butterflies

quilled flowers

Felt flowers
Of course I didn't make all these in one day. I already had all the stuff with the exception of rosettes. So all I had to do was arrange them on the walls. Bless the soul who invented blue tac.
Rosettes were easy peasy to make and I made five of them in half an hour. 

I think now I can sleep with ease, without getting disturbed by Her Highness :)

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  1. Pretty lovely creations.



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