Sunday, 13 July 2008

Tasty Chillies in Two Minutes

My father-in law likes to have green chillies with every meal. So when I went to market to buy vegetables, I especially bought green chillies. But I noticed that he hasn't touched them even once. When I asked the reason, he said that lately he is getting mouth sores when ever he eats green chillies.
I decided to minimize the sharpness of chillies. Its very simple to preserve the taste of chillies and yet savor them without any fear of burning your mouth.
Make a full length cut in the middle of the chilly. Make sure that the chilly is not cut to half. Rub some salt inside the chilly through the cut opening. Put half teaspoon oil on a pan and fry the chillies on low flame.Turn them over and fry till they are light brown on both the sides.
Tasty chillies are ready in two minutes.