Monday, 23 June 2008

Gajar Ka Halwa: An Indian Sweet Dish

Today I made Gajar Ka halwa, especially for my husband. He has a sweet tooth and likes every sweet dish and dessert that he can lay his hands on.
Recipe: Making gajar ka halwa or gajarpak is very easy.
1. Grate peeled carrots.
2. Boil them till they soften. If you are making them in cooker then it won't take more than a whistle to get them softened.
3. Mix sugar to taste and now remove the lid from the cooker or pan and let the water evaporate by continuously stirring the mashed carrots.
4. When the water has dried, add milk and again stir for some time.
5. The carrot, milk mixture will thicken and your gajar ka halwa is ready.
I haven't given any quantity for this recipe because I don't know my self how much carrots or milk are needed to make a particular amount of halwa. I always prepare dishes on guess. My measurements are never same for a single dish.

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Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Playing with Stones

Ananya is fond of playing with sand, water and stones. I have observed that every kid likes to play with sand and water. Ananya likes to collect stones when we go on beach and decorated her sand castle with them. She can make a circle and a line with the stones that she has at home.
Today I was preparing lunch and she was playing with stones. She was also talking to me, and I was absently answering to her chatter. When she repeatedly called for my attention then I looked up and I saw what she had made.

It was beautiful, that too made by a two and a half year old. Ananya says that its a slide. She climbs on it from one side and slides from the other. Kids are imaginative and creative by nature. It’s us and our teaching methods that make a child loose all her creativity.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Teaching Colors to Your Kid

My daughter Ananya is two and a half years. She knows four colors by heart; white, green, black,and orange.Black is the color of her laptop,she learned green from the grass, her favorite sweater is orange and white is th color of her teddy bear. She has learned all these colors by making associations.
-I also use colors in our general conversation, like "Give me my red towel Ananya", or "throw this dirty blue shirt in the laundry".
-We play color games also. Ananya is fond of making different patterns with stones. I will make a line with a pattern of one white stone and one black stone.I will ask Ananya to give me one white stone and then one black stone. She gets confused in the beginning, but learns fast. There are only two colors in stones and she already knows which ones are white. Then I reinforce her new color recognition by asking her to point out all the black things in the room.
- Bright colored toys and books attract kids.Make use of the local library. But remember to stress one color at a time.

Monday, 9 June 2008

Clay Earrings

When ever I go to library, I happen to cross these stalls on Royal Mile, which sell hand crafted stuff. Some have leather bags, others sell painting. One stall has clay earring on display. The designs are so creative and attractive that I am tempted to buy one or two, but each time I have to stop myself. I had long promised myself that I will first try to make a handicraft myself, if I am unsuccessful then only I will think of buying it. I haven't yet tried my hands on making clay earrings. Wish me luck.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

How to Keep Tiny Tots Busy-2

I find that Ananya takes a lot of interest in taking things out of their place,( clothes from wardrobe, dishes and kitchen items from cupboard).After her exploration trip, the whole room looks like it was hit by Hurricane Katrina. No amount of cajoling or getting angry will make her tidy up. But when I say in a playful tone, let's put these poor little things in their home ( or something like that), she readily participates in cleaning up process.When I am busy, I spread the card zig saw puzzles, which I have made for her. These are big pictures of a single item, like an animal, a car or a house.As she is only 2 years and 3 months old, I have cut these pictures in to very large 3-4 pieces, so that she identifies the parts.
We also do pretend play. She asks me to become a doctor, then she takes one of the animals and comes to me for its treatment.Pretend play is a great way to teach kids different things. Now Ananya knows a lot of terms, like stethoscope( she can't pronounce it though),bandage, pincers, betadine,tablets etc.

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Scrapping with cancer: Help to Spread the Word

I was looking for some scrapbooking ideas when I came across this article by Carmen Chapman. Her twelve year old son is battling with blood cancer. Instead of being beaten down by this fatal disease, this young guy has taken upon himself to make life easier for kids like him. He makes scrapbooking kits for children suffering from cancer and distribute them in cancer wards. Each kit costs around $60.It is a very commendable effort, and we should help the kid. You can donate through paypal when you visit the site or spread the word by linking to brody's site.

How to keep tiny tots busy

My daughter is a gem. She never gives me hard time to make her do anything. My mother thinks that Ananya has grown past her years, and this worries her. But I think that Ananya gets lots of opportunities to do kid stuff and this helps her to stay away from trouble. As I get to spend a lot of time with her now a days ( 24/7 practically), I have to invent new ways to keep her busy, so that she is out of my hair and let me do my work.
I have put lots of crayons and water colors, pencils and brushes for her. You may say that it's too early and pushy to expect a 2 year old to dabble in painting. I disagree. Children have a natural attraction towards bright and colorful things, just like they love playing in mud and water. I see so many kids holding a color pencil and draw haphazardly on anything that they can lay their hands on.
When I am cooking Lady's finger, I give Ananya the upper left out part and ask her to stick them on paper. She is very fond of this game. Some times she sticks the cut lady's fingers on her nose and laughs" mama, joker." When I am with her, both of us make different designs using cast of lady fingers. Just dip the part in water color and then stamp it on paper.You can make lots of arty designs with it.
I have to go, Ananya has waken up from her nap. Let's discuss other arty tricks later.

Diamond Rings for Her

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