Thursday, 16 December 2010

Reading Box Upcycled From Shoebox

Ananya is fond of reading, so we often go to library to borrow books. Her chest of drawers is already full of her books and craft things so I put some of the books in a shoe box. It's very sturdy. Even Aditya's jumping up and down on it hasn't destroyed it. For days the box sat on the dining table in the TV room, where we can easily access it. I didn't like the brown color and decided to cover it with the 12x12 papers that are sitting in my stash. The box was a little over 12'', so I had to use two designs. This is what I came up with.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Simple, Easy Knitting Baby Hat for Beginners

I wanted to make something for my niece Avishi who is just one week old. I had originally decided to make a baby cardigan, but the knitting patterns are so confusing that I dropped the idea. Then I thought of making an easy baby poncho, but had to forgo that too. Ultimately I set myself a target of making a baby hat. Then began the search for the most easy and simple knitting hat for beginners. After surfing through many many sites, I finally came to this Page. The pattern is really easy. Though the instructions could be a little more elaborate. It would help some one like me, who is complete illiterate when it comes to knitting. For example,the pattern says : # R1-R10: (K1, P1) across
, It should have been # R1-R10: (K1,YO, P1,YO) across. Other than that the pattern is really easy to understand.
Here are the instructions :
Cast on 60 sts R1-R10: (K1 YO, P1 YO) across
 R11: Knit R12: Purl Repeat rows
11 and 12 6 more times.
(24 rows completed)
 R25: (K4, K2 tog) across
R26: Purl
 R 27: (K3, K2 tog) across
 R 28: Purl
R29: (K2, K2 tog) across
 R30: Purl
 R31: (K1, K2 tog) across
R32: Purl
easy knitting baby hat for beginners
 R33: (K2 tog) across

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

A New Quilling Project: Quilled Monograms

I am thinking of making a quilled monogram picture. First I thought of Quilling Ananya's name. But then decided to Quill ' DREAM'. Because this is what I do in my free time :) I have made the outlines of the letters, as it would be easier to fill the outlines than starting on my own.

Friday, 3 December 2010