Sunday, 20 February 2011

Another Quilled Frame

Made another quilled frame today. I used 7mm pink strips for flowers. Handcut the fringes. Centre of the flowers is 3mm strip, while the swirls are 5mm. This is the first time that I quilled using measurements.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Quilled Picture Frame

I made a quilled frame today. I had bought this photo frame months ago, but never got around to working on it. Yesterday I got some new red and light brown/cream strips. I made different quilled flowers. I didn't think that I will be able to finish the frame today. But then I remembered that Ananya's holidays are starting from tomorrow, and I may not be able to complete it for next 2 weeks. So I finished it in one sitting while my son was sleeping.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Finally........... Something

In the past few days, I have discovered card making challenges. My first one was at Jaya ji's blog. I was so excited to  make the card. It was as if a child was given a candy. I couldn't wait to finish it.
I found Sir Stampalot challenge blog through Brenda's. The topic for February is " All creatures big and small.
I did a lot of thinking to make something for this challenge. I wanted to use quilling. So thought of making a quilled butterfly. But it was a disaster. Then I used spellbinders butterfly die and made this card.
But I wasn't happy with it. I like it, but it's not upto the mark to enter a challenge.So I decided to make a quilled peacock.

I used another quilled peacock , which I had made long time back,as a guide. But then I surfed the other entries in the challenge and was so much awed by the talent out there that I dropped the idea. I thought of making an origami box and made a quilled bee to decorate it.

I used Nanncy Watt's paper from Making cards magazine.

But it didn't click with me.
So I made a pen holder ( or tool holder) from Pringles can. I got this idea from one of the entries. It is a super cute purse/bag made out of pringles can. Unfortunately I don't remember the name of blog. But I will try to google it later.

Supplies for the pen holder:
Pringles can

1.quilled flower: 7mm strips pale yellow and pale blue
2. quilled butterfly: 7mm strips orange and yellow ( I made another one after the first fiasco)
3. Two stamped flowers for decoupage

4. Two stamed butterflies ( Anita's) for decoupage
5. Backing paper from creative cardmaking magazine
6. quilled bee: 3mm strips black, yellow, white
7. Letraset promarkers : yellow, brown
8. Shrpie: yellow,red, orange
9. Fabrico marker:yellow

I am entering this pen holder ONLY for Sir Stampalot challenge because, this challenge inspired me to better myself.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Craft with Kids: Card Making

This weekend, I taught my daughter some of the basics of card making that I have learned. Ananya likes making cards, but until now she had been 'Wasting' tons of my peel offs, colors, papers and other stuff on making things that would ultimately go in the bin. I couldn't tell her not to do it because this is what she likes to do ( apart from dancing, reading, studying, playing etc. etc.:) She would be always looking at my stuff with wistful eyes and say innocently" I wish I had things that you have mummy." So I decided to put some papers, stamps, colors, ink pad, embellishments in a bag and gave it to her. Now this is her craft bag. I also told her that she is not to waste anymore papers and make real cards. So this weekend, we both sat together and made this card. I cut the papers, helped her in gluing them with tape, instructed her which should be the base and which piece should go where.
After that she made four more cards over the weekend. I only gave or cut the paper ( which she chose from my stash) and all the other things, like pasting, stamping, designing she did herself. She also made a pop up kind of thing inside two cards. She got the idea from the heart card that I made.The purpose of this post is to keep a record of my daughter's creative endeavors. I am a very forgetful person. But I would like to read this post some 10-15 years later and relive the joy we had together.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

How to Make Paper Roses

I got my four circle cuttlebug dies yesterday. They were very small, not what I had expected. You can't use them for layering in cards. Then I thought of making roses with them. I had found a tutorial on how to make paper roses @ Suganthi ji's blog. I am having trouble in linking the exact post page so I have posted the link to her blog here. These dies are perfect for cutting different sized small circles for roses. I made these pink roses today.
I am entering this card at the following challenges:

Stamp Fairy Challenge #8: Homemade flowers
The Sisterhood of Crafters: Anything goes
Little Claire's Designs: Chllenge#1: Anything goes

Friday, 4 February 2011

Participating in a Card Challenge

I am participating in a card challenge for the first time. The challenge is at Jaya's blog. At first I thought of using quilled heart for this challenge. But then the challenge's theme " heart and hugs' gave me an idea of merging two of my previous cards together. I embroidered the heart on a pink hand cut heart shape card stock. Then I drew the picture of a little girl around that heart. I drew her arms separately. I colored the picture, then cut it. Using 3d foam pads, I pasted it on the card. Now we have a girl who is hugging a heart! For the inside of the card, I made a pop up heart using the template that I found here. I used die cut phrase 'crazy 4 you' and stuck it with double tape.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Quilled Mother's Day Cards

I made these cards using DCWV backing paper. The stamp is from TPC studio's Family set. The photo isn't very clear. Th stamp has " Mother's love is the heart of home" written on it.For toppers, I traced the shapes from Creative Cardmaking magazine then cut them. I got another Mother's day stamp today. Will use it in the next card.

Dead Tired

I am totally exhausted. Have completed first stage of the project. I haven't even told my husband about it. He is always after me that I don't take care of myself. If I had told him what I have been doing behind his back, he would surely scold me. I have been late up in the nights and again quilling during the day when my son takes a nap. Hopefully the result will be to the satisfaction of all those concerned.